Kojie San Dream White Anti-Aging Soap 135g


Kojie San Dream White Anti-Aging Soap 135g

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Benefits of Kojie San Dream White Soap – 135g

Dream White soap brightens the skin while reducing the appearance of signs of aging. It contains collagen and elastin, the substances in the skin that contribute toward a youthful appearance. This soap replaces the stores of those enzymes that have been lost over time or destroyed by exposure to the elements. All-natural kojic acid reveals a bright, light skin tone. All of these powerful yet safe ingredients are delivered to the skin in a moisturizing blend of coconut oil and olive extracts.

– Elastin provides a firming effect
– Provides overall lightening for a more youthful glow
– Skin will look increasingly younger and fairer with regular use
– Coconut oil conditions skin and gently treats acne
– Lush scent for a luxurious cleansing experience
– Gentle enough to be used as a daily facial cleanser
Free of mercury and heavy metals.


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